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Hales Passage Scandinavian Lutheran Cemetery / Cromwell Cemetery Frequently Asked Questions

Are there criteria to purchase a plot?
As a small cemetery in an ever-growing larger community, we strive to stay true to the original intent of our forefathers. We do this by limiting burials to those who have ties to the Cromwell area or have family members buried in the Cemetery. That way we can ensure space for generations to come.

What is the cost of a plot?
The current cost of a plot is $600.00. Each plot measures 4 x 9

Can I purchase several plots for my family?
Yes, if there is adjoining space available. We are not able to reserve plots.

What if I no longer need a plot, can I sell it back to the cemetery?
No, we do not purchase them back. You may transfer them to a family member, which must be recorded with the secretary. A new Certificate of Ownership will be issued. You can donate them ... Read More

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