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Cromwell Cemetery Assn


2022 Annual Meeting Minutes: Hales Passage Scandinavian Lutheran Cemetery Association

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Hales Passage Scandinavian Lutheran Cemetery Association
Proposed Annual Meeting Agenda/Notes

Annual Meeting Minutes – May 21, 2022
Sears Farm across from Cemetery

Call to Order
Sunny skies welcomed over 50 people to the cemetery for the Annual Clean up. Thank you to Scout Troop 217 for their assistance. With so many hands, the work was completed by 11:3025 stayed for the potluck/meeting
Read and Approval of Minutes the Previous Membership and Board Meetings
(Membership meetings were not held the last 2 years due to Covid)

Treasurer’s Report & Plots Sales (from 2021)
Expenses –
Water 182.32
Dragonwyck 386.88
Printing/Maps 371.25
Postage 166.21
Williams Tree Service 3808.00
Pacific Coast Memorials 1077.12
Pierce County Tax 9.65
WA Filing fee 10.00
Donations - $1435.00
Sale of 20 Plots $8000.00
Interment Fees (9) $450.00
Checking Balance $10569.59
CD Balance transferred to Fidelity Account
Fidelity Investment $44386.27 (+20%)

Acknowledging those who passed away during the year
Marie Margaret Davidson 11 Oct 1938, Tacoma 25 Dec 2020 Mesa AZ
Brenda Gordon 7 April 1947 St Louis, MO 20 May 2021 Tacoma, WA
Violet (Peggy) Walle 10 Feb 1921 Yakima, WA 28 May 2021 University Place
Lawrence Samuelson 12 May 1929, Tacoma, WA 22 January 2021, Kent, WA
Rose Ann Hokenson 3 March 1929 White Earth, MN 16 Nov 2021, Gig Harbor, WA
Jane A Scott 27 June 1936, Gig Harbor, WA 12 Nov 2017, Gig Harbor, WA
Roger Scott 2 Feb 1929, Gig Harbor, WA 2 Nov 2021, Gig Harbor, WA

Old Business from 2021
Unmarked Graves The last of the 30 unmarked graves stones were set today. This was financed with donations contributed over the past 5 years.

Memorial The Memorial tree for Nate Sears and Larry & Marit Ross will. Be replaced. It either died, was eaten by deer, and then accidently mowed over. This time fencing will be placed around it.

Dedication of Flagpole At 10:30 the dedication of the new flagpole was held. Edward Peterson coordinated the installation of the new flagpole behind the sign. This was his Eagle Scout project. Did you know that thew 12 folds of the flag are symbolic of life values? Edward worked with fellow members and Scout Leaders of Troop 217. He is thanked for his diligent work. It is a beautiful addition to the Cemetery. American Legion provided a 5' flag.

New Business
Clarifying marker hubs in in the North section and the East Section

A work party will be organized during the summer to identify the wood stakes in the East section with metal piping so they will be easier to find in the future. John suggested that the cemetery purchase a metal detector when the stakes are covered. This area is the most desired for new plots. John will investigate a suitable material to cover the stakes. Laurie will send out an email to see who might be available when a dated is settles upon.

The work in the North area will be tabled for another year.

Plot Price Increase
The Board decided to increase the cost of a plot to $600. This would take effect immediately.

Website Updates
Laurie updated several materials on the website,

Our legal name is Hales Passage Scandinavian Lutheran Cemetery. Checks made to the cemetery should use that name. Awareness of the discrepancy came from a new bank employee noting the 2 names for the same account. The name Cromwell Cemetery was adopted over time because it was shorter and identified the geographical area which is common with the local cemeteries.

An introductory paragraph on the website now states: As a small cemetery in an ever-growing larger community, we strive to stay true to the original intent of our forefathers. We do this by limiting burials to those who have ties to the Cromwell area or have family members buried in the Cemetery. We receive many inquiries per the website from out-of-town individuals who have no community ties.

Signage Update
The Board approved the addition of a sign, Hales Passage Scandinavian Lutheran Cemetery be placed below the Cromwell Cemetery sign.

Election of Officers – President, Vice –President, Secretary & Treasurer
The Officers and Board of directors agreed to serve another term.
President Ben Pearson
Vice President Joyce Sears
Treasurer Donna Doherty
Secretary Laurie Dahl Isacson
Trustees Doug Holsinger, James Doherty, John Gagnon

Thanks for the Sears Family for their hospitality and use of the garage.
Thanks to all who have cleaned, mowed, and repaired items at the cemetery throughout the year.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:15
Respectfully Submitted,
Laurie Dahl Isacson, Secretary

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